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Rödentaler Artful Christmas Baubles

/images/Squirrel Christmas Ornamant.jpgRödentaler Artful Christmas Baubles represent German craftsmanship. The most beautiful Christmas baubles are still painted entirely by hand. Sophisticated designs such as the Mistletoe Christmas Bauble, the Squirrel Christmas Bauble and the Berry Branches Christmas Baubles are painted and decorated entirely by hand in extremely elaborate craftsmanship on these Rödentaler mouth blown Christmas baubles. Depending on the motif, painting a single Christmas bauble may take up to several hours. In our collection of Rödentaler Artful Christmas Ornaments you can not only find pictorial motifs, but also hand-painted ornaments. These are not less complicated by the art of painting: Especially motifs that span evenly all around the bauble require a great deal of experience, skill and judgement by the artist. Only a few artists are able to work with the precision required by the Rödentaler Artful Christmas Baubles Collection and to create these master pieces of glass Christmas tree decoration.

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