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Rödentaler Genuine Gold Baubles

The Rödentaler collection is crowned by 23kt genuine gold plated, mouth-blown Christmas baubles with a diameter of 8cm.

/images/Rödentaler Echt Gold Kugeln.jpgUnique craftsmanship, from the glass blowers to the gilder is necessary to create these precious unique artisan pieces. The gold plating of glass baubles is a complex art. In an oily coat several layers Ducat Double Gold are manually placed and connected to the glass surface by hand. The golden surface is completed layer by layer. The craft of gilding is clearly visible by slightly visible brush strokes on every single Christmas bauble. Only a genuine gold-plated Christmas bauble is as precious as our genuine gold Rödentaler Christmas baubles. Our collection of Rödentaler Genuine Gold Baubles, does not stop with Christmas baubles, which are plated with yellow gold. Rödentaler Genuine Gold Baubles are also available in white gold, rose gold and even green gold. Christmas baubles of genuine gold: Simply fascinating.

Rödentaler genuine gold baubles are available in:

 Rödentaler: 100% Tradition - 100% Made in Germany