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Rödentaler – Unique & Hand-Painted

/images/ROEDENTALER_STILL_LIFE_MUSIK.jpgTo realize art is an honor. True art is to create glass Christmas tree ornaments and to mouth blow Christmas baubles. Then to hand mirror them, to color and finally to decorate these Christmas ornaments by hand and with great passion and attention to detail. Elaborate paintings of patterns, shapes and pictures fascinate us and expresses perfect beauty. Rödentaler animals such as birds, robin redbreasts and reindeers decorate mouth blown Christmas baubles in many sizes and many colors.

We are particularly proud of our genuine gold baubles. As far as we know, nobody but us manufactures Christmas baubles that are completely plated with genuine gold.

With the highest standards for ourselves we let our glass blowers and artists create handmade, hand-painted Christmas tree ornaments. In this high-end collection of Christmas ornaments you will also find our collector’s annual Christmas baubles that feature a different special design for every Christmas. Hand-painting from Germany became a rare tradition but with continued fascination.


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