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Dear Business Partner,

We warmly welcome you as business customer to our offices and showroom in Frankfurt am Main. The Rödentaler collection of Christmas balls and glass Christmas tree ornaments is looking carefully and selective for upscale retailers or wholesalers as business partners.

/images/Wand.jpgFurniture stores, interior designers or other business customers with an eye for the extraordinary, for real craftsmanship, the art work traditionally produced in Germany are welcome to present the Rödentaler collection of Christmas ornaments. It is imperative to us is the sensitivity of our business customers - whether wholesale or retail - for quality and exceptional Christmas decoration. We cannot and will never offer Far Eastern mass-produced products- and it will not do. We restrict ourselves to a very fine, sophisticated selection and manageable range within our collection. Our manufacturing capacity is limited. Due to the decline of the glassblowing craft in Germany, the quantity of which can be manufactured in Germany is limited. It is even more difficult to offer hand-painted Christmas balls in large quantities. The hand-painting of Christmas baubles is an art because its pictorial motifs can be captured with perfect spatial imagination on a three-dimensional Christmas ball. Few painters and artists live up to the perfection that we require for our Rödentaler collection of Artful Christmas Baubles and the Winter Bird Collection of Christmas baubles. We look forward to retail and wholesale business partners who value the beautiful, the extraordinary, and the traditional as well as the artful Christmas baubles and Christmas tree ornaments.

We are delighted to offer sophisticated business partners a limited range of extraordinary vibrant Christmas tree decorations that are unique and 100% Made in Germany.

We appreciate your interest in our product line and look forward to your B2B contact.